Services Provided

The Richland County Community Alternative Center shall provide residential placement and treatment services for Adult Court offenders as part of a jail diversion, treatment programming and sentencing option for Common Pleas Courts and Municipal Courts. The services provided for jail time served at a per diem cost of $40; and the per diem for D/A treatment services at a cost of $50 shall include: all programming, in addition to group counseling daily.

Security Station Library Dining Lounge

Offenders are required to pay for their jail sentence and treatment costs. Our success rate in receiving payments is over 90%. The program is self-funded and operated under the auspices of the Richland County Commissioners, Common Pleas Judges, Adult Court Services and the Richland County Community Corrections Board. Offenders are referred by both Common Pleas and Municipal Judges/Courts.

Services Include:

  • Housing for 24/7 (all bedding and linen supplies provided) for male and female offenders (each housed on separate floors of the facility with no contact).
  • Daily meals (3)
  • Laundry services
  • Alcohol test on all returns to the facility; and drug testing routinely
  • Library services
  • Treatment programming daily that includes: AA meeting times; NA meetings; group and individual drug/alcohol treatment programming (provided by in-house OHMAS-certified staff): educational classes on relapse prevention, drug/alcohol education, life skills, critical thinking errors, motherhood classes, fatherhood classes, parenting classes, and communication skills.
  • Video security of all programming
  • Visitation
  • Work release privileges (if authorized by the Court); otherwise, offenders can be placed on "lock-down" status which means they can not leave the facility unless accompanied by administrative of security staff
  • 24/7 security personnel for internal control of offenders
  • Random room searches and pat-downs of all residents
  • Case Managers assigned to monitor offender work site checks, program attendance, and authorized releases from the facility

***Drug and Alcohol Assessments provided by O.H.M.A.S/S. certified counselors for a fee of $60; are also available for in-house or outside referrals by Courts or agencies ***

As a quality jail alternative program; the tone of the program is one of sobriety, positive successes, and accountability of the program to the community and the Courts we serve.